Build Your Own Car – The Gentry Has Its MOT

To build your own car requires dedication, time and patience. Fortunately I have all of these in abundance. Well maybe two out of three:-)
Below is a picture of the car just before we set off for the MOT. Click for larger image.

The Gentry On the day of the MOT

We arrived at the garage and parked the car outside. The mechanic who was doing the test had a good look round the car to make sure there was nothing obvious wrong. After satisfying himself that the car looked OK he started the test. First thing was the braking efficiency. The car was driven on to the rolling road and I sat in the car following his instructions to hit the brake pedal when he asked me to. First the front brakes, balance OK, efficiency well within the limit of the test. Next rear brakes and again no problems. Finally the handbrake which also passed. So far so good. Off the rolling road and the exhaust emission tests. No problem there. Headlights next. The aim was slightly out as I had set them up by eye, sticking a piece of tape on a garage door and adjusting the beam. This was easily corrected with a few turns of a screwdriver until they were correct. Indicators OK, side lights OK, indicators OK. Horn fine. He now needed to check the underside of the car for any problems, so it was up onto the four poster lift with me still inside

.On to the fourposter

Checking the steering

In the photo above, the front wheels were raised so the steering and front joints could be checked for wear and play. All the steering joints were new so no problems. The wheel bearings and oil seals were also new so again OK. He also checked the run of the brake pipes to make sure there was no chance of them fouling on the suspension or bodywork. The same with the fuel pipes.

Top of the lift

The lift was then taken to the top and he continued to inspect the underside. Chassis OK, could I wiggle the steering wheel from side to side. He checked all of the other steering joints and found no problems. Pull the handbrake on and off. Again no problems. Push the brake pedal up and down. All OK.

Fairly confident!!

At this stage everything seems to be going well , although from the look on my face and that of the mechanic you wouldn’t think so!! The car was then lowered back down to the ground and the mechanic went off to do the paperwork. Had it passed?

The Celebration


He was impressed with the quality of the build and congratulated me on what I had achieved. The only thing that he could have failed it on was the fact I had forgotten to fit rear reflectors. I had them, but it had just slipped my mind. He issued the MOT certificate on the condition that I would fit them as soon as I got home.

More to follow….

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