Build Your Own Car – The Demise of the Bond

Welcome to Build Your Own Car Part 2.

The Bond was a great car and even with the 1.6 litre lump still performed well. It always used to get admiring looks from people who couldn’t work out what it was. “Is it Italian?” “It can’t be British!” “Who makes it?” etc etc. They were surprised when I told them it was a Bond. “Aren’t they they company who make those funny little three wheelers?” Yes, they do make those funny little three wheelers, but they also make this and a smaller version called the GT4S.

I digress. The Bond served me well for two years, but then the dreaded MOT decided it wasn’t fit for the road.

Sad Bond 1

You can see from the above, major work.

Sad Bond 2
Nice chassis, shame about the body!!

No problem I thought, I’ll just rebuild it. So, the body was taken off the chassis, remember when you could do that? The chassis needed a couple of outriggers replacing and also the two tail sections. New pattern parts were bought and welded on. It also required a couple of patches on the main backbone, but nothing too serious. I then looked at the body. The floor pan at the rear needed some repairs done and the windscreen surround was also rotten. I found another 2 litre Bond which I used for parts, grinding off the windscreen surround and welding it on to my car. Meanwhile, the chassis had gone off to be sandblasted, zinc metal coated and then painted with epoxy paint. My thought was, that will now last forever. Back to the body shell. It all seemed to going well until I got to the doors. The doors on the 2 litre Bond are a concoction of Vitesse/Herald inners and a Bond outer (made of steel). The inners were fine, but the outers were beyond repair. This was also the case with the doors from the other car I had bought. I attempted to locate some repair panels, but had no luck.

So what to do?

I looked at what I had that was good.
Rear axle

What was bad?

The body.

Then it came to me. There must be some way I could use the good bits and build my own car. I looked at the various kitcar magazines that were on the magazine shelves of the newsagent and bought most of them. Somewhere someone must make a kit that will fit either the Triumph Herald or Vitesse chassis. Then I saw it. The RMB Gentry!! All my dreams had come true. It was a replica of the car I loved most as a kid and never thought I would be able to have. The MG TF.

All I had to do now was to save up the cash to buy the kit, which was around £800.00, (can’t remember exactly).

Meanwhile, I came across a Bond GT4S at a very silly price. No MOT, non-runner, but the body and chassis were excellent. And only £100!! A friend and myself towed it home and with very little work, brake pads, news points plugs and condenser, an MOT and she was on the road.

Bond GT4S

Apologies for the picture quality!!

Part 3 to follow.

Meanwhile, why not have a

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